The Traprock Group’s membership comprises OF primarY producers from the Traprock region of South East Queensland through to northern New South Wales, covering 400,000 hectares.

The Traprock district has a charming ruggedness that residents and visitors love. Every district has its unique challenges and living in the Traprock is no different. But such challenges bring great rewards and the Traprock’s lighter soil’s immediate response to even a little rain is always heartening.

Apart from the stunning scenery and landscape, the Traprock supports a diversity of production systems such as: world renowned super fine wool, meat sheep, cattle, goats and other livestock. With a little irrigation, it can also support diversity into such areas as stone-fruit and grape growing, and even aquaculture, which aid primary producers’ ability to spread risk. When considering the relatively low land costs per production unit, it makes the Traprock an attractive investment opportunity.  Read more on our About page.


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