The Natural Resources Committee
(NRC)'s remit is to develop and improve opportunities for members by combining member strength to leverage better outcomes. Activities have diversified over the years, depending on enterprise opportunities, member needs and the social, political climate of the time.

Since mid 2014, the NRC has been focused on negotiating with Government to develop a mechanism that enables members of the Traprock community to access more water for new and existing enterprise opportunities.  Current options to access water are extremely limited. We believe this needs to change to ensure the Traprock district retains its reputation for supporting a diversity of production systems in dynamic market and climatic conditions.

When the NRC is successful in effecting changes in water irrigation legislation and approach, this will enable members to diversify into primary production opportunities that currently need licensed water - whether that be horticulture, intensive livestock, flowers, aquaculture or other businesses not yet considered or tried.  This becomes even more relevant when considering the opening of the Wellcamp airport in Toowoomba which enables new export opportunities for the region and gives Traprock enterprises a significant geographical advantage when exploring expansion possibilities.

Access to licensed water will significantly improve property values and raise the Traprock district's profile as an investment opportunity. These benefits will flow to all members, even those who may elect not to purchase licences to support their current activities.

Historically the Traprock Group has driven innovative and leading edge initiatives for the benefit of members, both as individuals and groups. The NRC is working to further build the Group's reputation, by lobbying hard to achieve changes which could well transform members' future business outcomes.