About Traprock Group

The Traprock Group's mission is to assist members to maintain awareness of ever-changing business, market and economic environments.

The Traprock’s three hour proximity to Brisbane and closeness to Toowoomba and particularly its new airport, means easy access to feed lots, private schools, goods and services, reasonable transport costs as well as opening opportunities for off-farm income. There is also the potential for real estate growth as the urban spread expands as seen around Sydney and Melbourne.

The year-round recreational lifestyle is the envy of many: camping, water-skiing, sunset drinks, shooting, riding bikes. The four seasons are a delight to be experienced. Beautiful autumn colours give way to warmth by the fireplace on cold evenings, especially as there is no shortage of firewood. Spring brings relief from the cold as the garden (the pride of many graziers and their wives) springs to life. While the summers can be hot from time to time, a breeze can usually be relied on to cool things down.

What makes the Traprock really unique is its community. New comers are always welcomed with open arms, and supported through the Traprock Group which provides networking and knowledge sharing opportunities and of course, social events. Regular tennis, cricket, camping and barbeque occasions provide social opportunities for all members of the family. 

These are just a few of the reasons why the Traprock is a preferred place to live, raise families and run a primary enterprise. 

Traprock Group was initially formed in 1991 as The Traprock Wool Association Inc (TWA) with over 80 members. At that time members produced some 6000 bales of merino wool annually and wool production was the primary function of the group.

With the awareness of changing environmental and sustainable marketing requirements, the Traprock Wool Association has been proudly recognised as Australia’s leading wool producer group.

As a result of diversification into other rural enterprises within the district, 2010 saw a change to membership eligibility and a change in name to "Traprock Group Association Inc".

The Traprock Group Association Inc has a core management committee made up of the following roles:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Past President
  • Sheep and Wool Committee Chair
  • Beef Cattle Committee Chair
  • Horticulture Committee Chair
  • Natural Resources Committee Chair
  • Web Administrator
  • Member Services, Health & Well Being Committee Chair

Management meetings are held throughout the year as required, typically quarterly. Committee roles are undertaken for two years. Each Industry Sector has a Sub-committee to manage specific projects and initiatives. General member meetings are organised regularly with guest speakers, trainers and informative experts. The Management Committee is always looking for suggestions and new ideas of benefit to members.

Over the years Traprock Group members helped develop and participated in:

  • Jointly developing and participating in Land Water and Wools Integrating paddock and catchment planning: a wool producer-driven approach to sustainable landscape management project, resulting in the production of a biodiversity toolkit. Landholders provided advice, study sites and participated in social and economic surveys.
  • An Australian Wool Industry (AWI) funded Wild Dog management Program. Landholders seek efficient and better ways to deal with this growing problem.
  • A program to develop better sheep breeding strategies focused on the local environment.

The map below provides a good indication of the district our membership covers, however membership is not excluded outside this zone.

Map of Traprock region

The Traprock Group appreciate all feedback and encourage members and interested parties to comment by email: traprockgroup@gmail.com