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Traprock Group's Health and Wellbeing committee evolved from ......


Proximity to domestic markets in Brisbane and Sydney have enabled the stonefruit industry to grow from being smaller ventures into more significant operations working together to enhance their marketing opportunities.

Wine grapes are grown in the higher areas to produce berries suited to the local wineries to be blended with varieties grown on the Granite Belt. Table grapes are grown on a smaller scale for marketing in the domestic arena.

In recent times we have seen the introduction of plum growing for the purpose of juice production from a variety high in anti-oxidants. This industry will see the use of different technology and methods from the stonefruit grown for eating purposes.

The horticultural industries of the Traprock region have brought with them employment opportunities which are predominantly seasonal workers from overseas. An extended understanding and use of water has been part of the learning curve for members who have ventured into these areas.

The Horticulture Committee was formed at the 2012 Annual General Meeting of the Traprock Group.

Members meet regularly in an informal setting to share ideas around tree nutrition, pesticide use and tree development, but any issue is welcome for discussion with a view to improving production practices.

Chair Health & Wellbeing Committee:
Sarah McMeniman
Phone: 07 4685 xxxx