Management Meeting Update October 8 2013

Traprock Group Management Committee Meeting held at Dunblane

Sub committee reports:

Beef: Chris Tesch reported that the aim of producing a nutrition spreadsheet relevant to the Traprock area, is proving extremely complex. More thought will need to be put into how this can be achieved. Chris has updated the 'About Us' section in the website for' Beef'.

Horticulture: Angus Ferrier said that no field days are planned for the rest of the year as the harvest season will start this month. The group is participating in a fruit fly trial which includes a year long survey of the resident fruit fly population, using traps spread between the Inglewood Road to Waghorn on the Texas Road.

General Business:
1) The possiblity of holding a Workplace Health & Safety workshop, relevant to both livestock production & horticulture, and which gives a ticket to those attending, was discussed.
2) Members of the managment committee attended a workshop on entering information onto the Traprock website, using the new content management system, Effectal. This was run by Margot Tesch and held at Spring Creek and was extremely useful. It has meant the committee can now take more responsibilty for editing & managing content on the Traprock website. It also means that the necessary skills are being spread more widely through the Traprock community as members come onto the managment committee.
3) Discussion was held on how to implement the suggestion made at the AGM in August, to put a 'pest alert' system in place, whereby the movements of wild dogs & other pests can be tracked.
Traprock will support the Agforce Pest workshop to be held on November 7th by reimbursing any member attending for the cost of an additional trap.
4) Discussion was held on the details for the Traprock Christmas function to be held at Terrica on December 13th.