Management Meeting Update August 3rd 2015

Traprock Group Management Meeting held at "Spring Creek"

Following is a letter to members from the President Andrew Clark-Dickson following the Management Meeting:

The planning for the AGM to be held on September 11th  at the Goodrich Plum orchard is well under way.

Following the AGM in the morning, Bim Goodrich and Orchard Manager, Rowan Berecry will talk about the orchard and their plans for the future. There will be time for a quick walk around the orchard.

This should give us time before lunch to discuss the direction Traprock as a group takes heading into 2016, and what changes should we make to ensure the organisation reflects the needs of the expanding membership.

 At last year’s AGM we talked about why we live in the Traprock, now I think we need to talk about changing business models and technologies, and how these are going to affect future plans for the Traprock group. We are always looking for ways to make sure our focus is relevant to our diverse membership.

We are pleased to have Lawrence Springborg and Brent Finlay, who will be our guest speakers after lunch.

If members have issues that they would like to raise with either guest speaker could you please contact the Secretary or myself, as we would like to give them some idea of what the issues in the Traprock are beforehand. This is not to say that issues can’t be raised on the day.

We have also set a date for the Christmas Party and it will be on the 11th December at ‘Terrica’. This year we will once again be running a ‘Casino’ themed event.

Hope to see you on the 11th Sept at the AGM.

Cheers,     Andrew C-D