Management Meeting 11th October

Traprock Group Management Meeting Notes 

Meeting held at Spring Creek at 3pm 11th Oct 2016

Another year is rapidly drawing to a close. We have been fortunate this year to see some early Spring rain that has brought on a flush of herbage. Let’s hope the rain continues and we see some grass grow.

Membership renewal invoices have been emailed out for the first time this year. Our treasurer has put in a lot of work to get this organised. If you haven’t received your emailed invoice as yet, please contact Stephanie.

Sheep and Wool

The committee is working on a number of tasks that will benefit the region. In particular, looking at what can be done to more permanently reduce the wild dog problem in the district. Once a proposal has been finalised, Traprock will seek funding to progress the project.

The need for a Work Place Health and Safety day has also been identified so that we can all understand our obligations with regard to farm labour and possible accidents. A day will be organised to present this topic next year.


Among other things, a bull selection and EBV’s field day is planned for mid-next year.


An inspection of the results of a Herbicide trial with Pelargonic Acid, an organic herbicide has been undertaken. Also, a field day to inspect the planting of a new block of cherries is planned for the new year.

Natural Resources

The Federal Government has initiated a program called “Farming Together” intended to support established farmers’ groups to access consultancy resources to facilitate community development.

Traprock has submitted an application and it has been accepted.

If the proposal is approved, it will mean access to significant expert resources with the opportunity for all to have input into the process.

The committee sees this opportunity as a vital and exciting step in furthering the development of the Traprock district.

Health and Wellbeing

The Financial Directions Workshop that was planned for early October has now been rescheduled for 17th February 2017.

The committee will be meeting in the next couple of weeks to plan out next year. Some early proposals are, a Health day possibly to be held in early May and a Technology day.

Christmas Party

A cocktail party and dinner are planned to be held at Terrica Woolshed (to be confirmed) on 9th December, with live music guaranteed to get you on the dance floor.

More information coming soon.

Another very busy year ahead. Look forward to seeing you all at the Christmas party.


Chris Tesch