Horticulture Field Day 'Rosemary Hill' 28th March 2017

Horticulture Field Day ’Rosemary Hill’ 28th March 2017

About 30 people gathered at 'Rosemary Hill' on a very warm Autumn day on Tuesday. The group received some detailed analysis on blueberry production, presented by Andrew Zull (DAF).

There was also an interesting discussion on new and emerging fruit and nut varieties presented by Gavin Porter from ANFIC ( Australian Nurserymen’s Fruit Improvement Co.).

Justin Heaven spoke on supply chain management and helped facilitate the day.

After these presentations we had a farm walk where Angus explained their new venture into cherry production. The orchard is in its infancy but looks very promising . Also looked at some two year old Jujube plants (Chinese dates) which are extremely popular in China fresh or dried. There are a couple of trial plots in our district but there is little or no commercial production at this stage.

DAF provided a very nice BBQ lunch.

All in all it was a very interesting day, the main things to take away from the day were that there are other possibilities for the Traprock region but doing careful research and having adequate water are vital ingredients.

Special thanks to Angus for organising the day and the Ferrier family for providing the venue.