Photo-voice study samples

These are examples of the statements of participants in relation to the types of photos shown here.

It makes me feel good it’s such a great outlook [from the house].

...well it’s home and it’s the garden and yeah that’s special ...

It’s your house is your castle and like if you’re not feeling good about your house you’re not going to feel much good about anything else are you?

It can be very frustrating whereas with the I guess with the orchard on drip irrigation you’ve got the satisfaction of using water very effectively but you’ve also got you know apart from major storms and hail you’ve really got a good chance of as you learn seeing a result for what you for the work you put inIt shows the house and the view and you can’t look at that without feeling you’re pretty fortunate.

I think to me that like a special place that makes me feel good even though there’s a lot of work in it.

It’s got some it’s just a clump of particularly big not narrow leafed ironbark it’s the mugga and overshadowing the road so you actually drive through this shade at different times of the day so that’s the only part on that road where you actually drive under big trees that are shading the road and when they flower the red blossoms fall on the road so it’s just partly a special place because we pass it a lot and partly because you get this lovely sense of big trees with shade and blossom.

That’s just a good spot beside the big irrigation dam where the timber grows right down near the water and it’s a very good place to go and have a picnic and we’ve done that often with family and friends

See the worst thing in this whole rural deal your house is stuck right in the middle of your business like if you live in Toowoomba you can have three or four businesses in ten years but you can still have a house up the street. You can buy and sell your business and go on with the thing but you know you’ve got the hassle of as you say coming to terms and being happy with your personal life as well as your business life you know that’s a big ask in the rural side of things.

We’ve got to the stage now where we’ve had so much drought I think oh wouldn’t it be nice to just go somewhere else you know sell up ... but yes I suppose the sad part is that it’s just been very difficult ... I think probably as a result of the bottom dropped out of wool and we’ve been drought stricken probably about ever since it fell so ...

Regarding our health and wellbeing I think from that point of view the country is great.

... A lot of people have moved away that were sort of our contemporaries and so in that respect there are new people that have come and we’re hoping to just link up with them properly so that they can also you know move them on and around about but I must admit at this stage I’d be quite happy to move as well.

...there’s no doubt about that I enjoy it - I get a lot of satisfaction out of having that going well and there’s I mean I get a lot of satisfaction out of growing good wool too but there’s a limit to how much satisfaction some wethers will give you.

Little places, yes, little places formed by the rocky hillsides and the gullies and of course after rain the actual sound of water running which is lovely.

It's the area that's the feeling of space and there's a pretty yellow bird up there a rare species. I think it's just part of the property, and I love to get right up on top it's virtually like that other view you can just see right round everywhere and it gives you a feeling of freedom.

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