2016 Health Forum

The Health Day held at Terrica Woolshed on the 4th March was a huge success with over 60 attendees, including 20 non-members. 

Nutritionist Sheridan Williamson of Changing Habits gave a nutritionist’s general overview on how food affects a wide range of health issues and can be the cause of a lot of our illnesses.  Sheridan gave the group plenty of food for thought regarding the right choices for our family when doing the “dreaded” grocery shop. 

The second presentation was from well-known and respected local dietician Margot Hawker, who discussed how different foods can aid cancer prevention.  Margot focused on specific properties of various individual foods items noting which vitamins and minerals they were rich in, and how this helps with illness prevention and aspects of medicinal cancer treatments.  Attendees really enjoyed Margot's presentation as many people’s lives today are touched by cancer in some way.

The third speaker was a Movement Specialist Luke Hobbs, who gave a very hands-on demonstration of natural movement, displaying how our bodies are ‘supposed’ to move.  Luke gave an illuminating explanation of how individuals have lost the strength in our connective tissue which keeps our joints strong and buoyant.  This is part of the reason that there are so many joint replacements happening now.